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Inspired on the legendary "Fabergé-Eggs" we present you these juwels to decorate your own Christmas tree to royal level.

Mini egg blue
Ref: 4047
Mini burgondy egg
Ref: 4043
Mini Lilac egg
Ref: 4044
Mini egg red with pearls
Ref: 4046
mini egg purple
Ref: 4042
Mini ei green
Ref: 4045
Black and gold egg
Ref: 10405
Red egg
Ref: 2608
Mini Size egg golden waves
Ref: 0027
Mini : blue and silver egg
Ref: 0016
Medium ei : Marie Antoinette
Ref: 0011
Orange Waves
Ref: 0026
Green fever
Ref: 0024
Blue Sky
Ref: 0023
Purple Drops
Ref: 0022
Red Candy
Ref: 0021
Ref: 0020
Blue Star
Ref: 0019
Medium egg with icecrystals
Ref: 0017
Medium : Blue and silver egg
Ref: 0015
Mini Marie Antoinette egg - Mini ei
Ref: 0012
Fabergé style egg : holy
Ref: 2544
Orange Fabergé style egg
Ref: 2542
Pink Lady
Ref: 3056
Heaven's blue
Ref: 3055
Black with irises
Ref: 0010
Ref: 0009
Purple Glory
Ref: 0008
Fading purple
Ref: 0007
gold with juwel stones
Ref: 0006
Red and gold
Ref: 0005
Golden forest
Ref: 0004
Turqouis big egg 12,5 cm
Ref: 0002
Orange Dream
Ref: 0003
C-D Special
Ref: 0001
Fabergé Style ball : gold
Ref: 2396
Red egg with Swarowski stones
Ref: 2463
Free blown red egg with swarowski stones
Ref: 4026